The Tuition Magician  is a federally qualified, IRS approved
501(c)(3), with an EIN of 20-8128143.  Our mission is to reach out to California students who might not otherwise obtain scholarship information or qualify for scholarships at all.   These might be students taking an alternative (e.g., arts / trade school) career path, or students who, although in need, are just above the familial income threshold for most financial aid, students who recently lost a parent, or simply those who are most severely affected because of California's school-funding crisis.  

The Tuition Magician  is in its seed-money phase.  Once this
phase is complete, the organization plans to open a chain of thrift stores, which will then be donation repositories, and which will doubly assist students by employing young people to help them pay for their education.   Similar models (The Salvation Army, Out of the Closet, etc.) have been shown to work excellently. 
The Tuition Magician  is a volunteer-based organization.  We
have no permanent staff, and our board receives no compensation whatsoever.  This means, of course, that 
contributions to The Tuition Magician  are for a good cause:
helping students.

It is worth noting that despite being in the seed-money
phase, The Tuition Magician  does give out scholarships each
year.  In fiscal year 09-10, 100% of outflows were for scholarships.
Who We Are 

The Tuition Magician