In its efforts to encourage scholarship in the
community, The Tuition Magician has helped a variety of students and educational institutions,


 A local dance student whose family fell on hard times, who wished to continue her ballet instruction

 A budding young leader, who wanted to attend a Junior States of America conference but was struggling to afford it

 A Straight A student realizing his dream of attending USC 

 A local organization focused on instilling character and responsibility through sportsmanship

 Several Los Angeles public schools, seeking to purchase new educational materials and bolster parental involvement 

 A local organization dedicated to educating our Veterans upon their returns from service

 A student-backed group dedicated to keeping high school students safe and off the streets

These awards have been made possible by the generosity of a variety of corporate benefactors including:

 The Association of California Life and Health Insurance


 Community Loans of America

 Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers 
of America


 And dozens of philanthropic individuals
The Honor