The all-volunteer board of 
The Tuition Magician 
is as follows:
Douglas Garrett  
Doug Garrett is a commercial pilot who has a passion for fostering alternative career paths, which can lead to valuable, rewarding, and lucrative careers.  Just ask him: both he and his wife love their chosen career paths as pilots for major airlines.  He lives in Ventura with his wife, Suzanne, and their three children.
Joseph Cortese  
Except for his MBA, Joseph Cortese is a product of California's public-school system.  He credits the school system for imparting in him an entrepreneurial spirit.  He owns a small chain of successful businesses, and lives in Huntington Beach.

Matt Sharp  
Since the 1990‘s, Matt has worked for non-profit organizations and served on boards focused on low-income Californians.  He has tried to use the educational opportunities he received to create upward mobility for others.  He lives in Los Angeles with his family and dog.
The Board